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Follow the instructions below to shutdown windows server in Rackspace Cloud

Step 1: Reset the Administrator password (Skip this step if you already have Administrator password)

  1. After signing in to Rackspace Cloud account, Go to Servers -> Cloud Servers
  2. In the list of Cloud Servers, click on the gear wheel icon and select Change password to reset the Administrator password

Step 2: Shutdown Server

  1. Copy the IP Address of the Server from the server list.
  2. Open a RDP (mstsc.exe) session with the copied IP Address
  3. To login as Local Administrator type User ID as ./Administrator and Password same as the recently reset password or password at hand
  4. After login, Start-> Shutdown

Step 3: Verify Shutdown

  1. After few minutes, when clicked on the server from server list and resulting page will show the server to be in “Shutoff” status

Run the following command in command prompt to find the domain groups that you are in. This applies to Windows operating system.

c:\> gpresult /r

Finding the process that locks a dll

Posted: October 29, 2013 in HowTo
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Run this command line to find the process that locks a specific dll.

c:\>tasklist /m locked.dll

Please note this would work only in Windows XP or 2003 or above.

“Tail” files in Windows

Posted: June 18, 2012 in HowTo
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In windows powershell, use the following syntax to tail a file.

c:\>Get-Content <filename> -Wait