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Use the following in command line to backout SVN Commits

svn merge -r<rev1>:<rev2> <location>


svn merge -r4305:4307 http://svn/repo/trunk/apps


Creating SVN tags in commandline

Posted: September 10, 2010 in HowTo
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In order to save the recently implemented release in a secure location, SVN allows to create what is called as ‘Tags’. Tag is a copy of entire production release. Tag name uniquely identifies the release version. Best practice is that after every production release, the release is tagged under the version.

To create a tag for a recently implemented release, run the following command

svn copy http://<svn server>/<application name>/trunk http://<svn server>/<application name>/tags/ -m "<description of the release>"


$ svn copy http://svn/mywebsite/trunk http://svn/mywebsite/tags/2.2.1 -m "Release 2.2.1 - added new feature"

Committed revision 688.