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AWS: putty into linux ec2 machines

Posted: October 20, 2017 in HowTo
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Follow instructions in the link below to login into linux ec2 machines with Putty



The graph database graph.db is located at


The configuration file neo4j.conf is located at



Install Oracle Java 8 in Linux Mint

Posted: March 3, 2017 in HowTo
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To install Oracle Java 8, follow the steps below
Add the repository to the package list
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
Update packages in cache
$ sudo apt-get update
Install Java 8
$ sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer
Follow the instructions and verify the install as below
$ java -version


How to mount an ISO image on Linux

Posted: November 29, 2015 in HowTo
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Use the following steps to mount an ISO image on Linux. The commands need to be run as ‘root’

Step 1: Create a directory where ISO would be mounted

# mkdir mount-directory

Step 2: Mount ISO image to recently created directory

 # mount -t iso9660 -o loop iso-filename.iso mount-directory


# mkdir /mnt/iso
# mount -t iso9660 -o loop /home/users/raj/linux.iso /mnt/iso

To setup JRE for Firefox, a java plugin for the browser needs to installed. Run the following command to install Sun java browser plugin

$ sudo ssh apt-get install sun-java6-plugin

Once the install is complete, click on verify now to check the installation.

Login securely to Unix servers

Posted: October 3, 2010 in HowTo
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To login to unix servers securely use the following command

$ ssh <userid>@<server>
userid – user id of the user to be logged in to the server
server – server to which user to be logged in

$ ssh user1@server1

The assumption is that server to which user has to securely logged in is capable of accepting secured connections.

Use the following command to power down linux servers immediately.

$ sudo shutdown -h now

Use the following command to reboot linux servers immediately.

$ sudo reboot now