Shutting down a Windows server in Rackspace Cloud

Posted: March 7, 2017 in HowTo
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Follow the instructions below to shutdown windows server in Rackspace Cloud

Step 1: Reset the Administrator password (Skip this step if you already have Administrator password)

  1. After signing in to Rackspace Cloud account, Go to Servers -> Cloud Servers
  2. In the list of Cloud Servers, click on the gear wheel icon and select Change password to reset the Administrator password

Step 2: Shutdown Server

  1. Copy the IP Address of the Server from the server list.
  2. Open a RDP (mstsc.exe) session with the copied IP Address
  3. To login as Local Administrator type User ID as ./Administrator and Password same as the recently reset password or password at hand
  4. After login, Start-> Shutdown

Step 3: Verify Shutdown

  1. After few minutes, when clicked on the server from server list and resulting page will show the server to be in “Shutoff” status

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