User add/delete in Ubuntu 10.04

Posted: September 13, 2010 in HowTo
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Adding a user:
sudo useradd -d /home/<username> -s /bin/<shell> -m <username>

shell – sh for shell, bash for bourne shell and ksh for korn shell

$ sudo useradd -d /home/tomcat -m tomcat -s /bin/bash

Deleting a user:
sudo userdel <username>

$ sudo userdel tomcat

  1. pm says:


    i have deleted the user and its home directory from the following command:

    deluser –remove-all-files username

    But still that user is coming at the login prompt when I try to login to Ubuntu 10.04 lts. Please let me know how to resolve this issue. Thanks in anticipation.

  2. pm says:

    I deleted the user but that particular user’s name is coming at the ubuntu 10.04 lts login prompt and not getting deleted from there. please let me know how to achieve this. thx.

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